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The CIA and Satanism

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The CIA and Satanism

The CIA and Satanism

Ted Gunderson reveals the hidden truth, exposing forces intertwined with occultic egoism, embedded within our own government. The occultist Blavatsky luciferic religion is at the heart of United Nations "one world" religious manipulations. The "do what thou wilst" imperative embraced gives rise naturally to such things as pedophilia and sex slavery.

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"While performing investigative journalism to expose the often hidden horrors of SATANISM IN AMERICA TODAY, the sickening account of an elementary school being used as a CIA black op to expose children to satanism (rampant in the CIA and the upcoming "religion" of the NEW WORLD ORDER to be imposed on the world) was brought to my attention. I responded to the plea of one terrified parent, Diane Morgan, both of whose children were used/abused without parental knowledge or consent in the terrorizing of children in DEARBORN HILLS ELEMENTARY SCHOOL in the Sunman-Dearborn School District in southeastern Indiana.

Her children, Katie and Sean, were both students in this school before it was abruptly closed following an investigation. I spent much time in Diane's home, as she poured out her heart to me and displayed her evidence of what had happened to her children. She included the fact that the principle of the school, Chris Utter-Heller, was not only the local satanic high priestess of that region of Indiana, BUT her husband, Jan Utter, was active CIA.

And that Chris and Jan BOTH got off scott-free during the investigation, due to his CIA involvement. It became apparent that this was simply another macabre CIA mind control experiment victimizing innocent children once again, and using satanic practices as a catalyst in the process. CIA satanism has been exposed by many previous victims and their books and reports, including by Sue Ford/Bryce Taylor, Cisco Wheeler, Cathy O'Brien, and many others.

The tragedy is, it does not stop there. It is an ongoing horror accumulating more and more innocent victims continually.

While obtaining documentation on SATANISM IN AMERICA TODAY for investigative journalism, I have traveled across America to visit, interview and assist individuals and families being tormented by America's satanists.

My heart was particularly touched by this tragic case of Diane Morgan and her children. Following much prayer, I traveled up to visit them. Their Pastor was present to confirm their accounts of what happened to their family and their children within the Sunman-Dearborn school district in East Harrison, Indiana. I visited their satanist-controlled school personally. Both the principle, and many of the teachers, had been satanists practicing in the local coven. The school had been mysteriously closed, following public outrage and investigation."

"Although Sean is still recovering from the painful memories and the horrors he was exposed to, as was his sister (and in fact several other families who are too afraid to come forward with the truth) he considers himself blessed to still be alive. Many young people never came out alive. And as long as there is CIA complicity, the perpetrators may never be successfully prosecuted.

East Harrison, Indiana and West Harrison, Ohio, where Sean's nightmare took place, continue to be known as a mecca for Satanist activity in that region where the above horrors occurred. One Christian family admitted to me that when their children went out to play with the other children on the streets in that area, the children of that area were heard discussing "where the next ritual would be held ..." frequently. Welcome to the dark side of "America the Beautiful." And the painful reality of CIA COMPLICITY IN SATANISM IN AMERICA TODAY.

It is because of reports exposing satanism and CIA complicity as you have just read, that both I and other investigative journalists and researchers trying to warn the American public, are frequently the targets of professional CIA COINTELPRO misinformation article writers, such as the more notorious Barbara Hartwell and others.The CIA does NOT want the American public to know or understand their hidden tactics and infiltration through means such as the above. They will stop at nothing to cover up their murders and victimizing of many in this nation. Simply be forewarned and advised."

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